**Flash Day April 26th!!**


Hello everyone!! Third Eye Tattoo proudly presents ‘Flash Day’, to celebrate our recent renovations. As our grand re-opening party we are hosting our very first flash day. Gathering our friends from across the globe we have lined up 23 amazing tattooers for this epic event! This is an event to get excited about! J

DATE:    April 26th 2013
TIME:    10am -10pm
ADDRESS: Third Eye Tattoo, 700 Nicholson Street Fitzroy North, Melbourne, VIC

Traditionally named ‘flash cards’, these sheets display an assortment of tattoo designs. Each tattooer will be painting 2 cards, with roughly 6-10 original designs (per card) to choose from. These designs are exclusive to this flash day only, and each artist has limited spots available so be sure to get in quick! This is such a great opportunity to get tattooed by many of your favorite artists!

All bookings MUST be made in person on the day, doors open at 10am. The average price for all the tattoos will be between $250-$300, which must be paid up front. Once you’ve made your booking hang around the neighborhood as the local Nicholson street food stores will be offering special deals and meals for the day, as well as some sneaky samples J so be sure to check them out!!

PLEASE NOTE that the bookings are limited, and once all the appointments are filled we will not be taking on more tattoos that day, so FIRST IN BEST DRESSED J

FLASH CARD AUCTION (original paintings)
The original flash cards will be auctioned off at the end of the day and all proceeds will go to charity!! The auction will open at 10am and close at 10pm on April 26th. All bids made after 10pm will not be accepted. The auction will be held on instagram, if you are not already following us our username is third_eye_tattoo . To make a bid, simply comment on the image of the flash sheet you want and type in your amount, Happy bidding!

The lovely artists that will be joining us on the day:
Bugsy - Third Eye Tattoo, Melbourne.
William Yoneyama - Third Eye Tattoo, Melbourne.
 Nick Rutherford - Third Eye Tattoo, Melbourne.
Charley Gerardin - Third Eye Tattoo, Melbourne.
Zoe Dennis - Third Eye Tattoo, Melbourne.
Marshall - Third Eye Tattoo, Melbourne.
Matt Wisdom - Third Eye Tattoo, Melbourne.
Alex ‘RUSTY’ Cairns - Lighthouse Tattoo, Sydney.
Ben O’Grady - Lighthouse Tattoo, Sydney.
Ben Rorke - Westside Tattoo, Brisbane
Dan Bursel ­- Westside Tattoo, Brisbane.
Shane Wilcox - Westside Tattoo, Brisbane.
Stacey Ann - Five Star Tattoo, Perth.
Sal ‘Steffen’ Sciuto - Five Star Tattoo, Perth.
Heath Nock - Hunter & Fox Tattoo, Sydney.
Lauren Winzer - Hunter & Fox Tattoo, Sydney.
Johann Ingemar - Rock of Ages, Lennox Head.
Fergus Simms - No Regrets Tattoo, Melbourne.
Capilli Tupou – Sacred Tattoo, New Zealand.
Oliver Christenson – East Brunswick Tattoos, Melbourne.
steven Burlton - Traveling Tattooer.
Christineth Burlton - Traveling Tattooer.
Vond – Sweet Life Tattoo - Melbourne

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