Brendan O'Connor  8th - 10th FEB
Seventh Circle, Brisbane QLD

Xandi Fromm 10th FEB - 22nd FEB
From Germany

Steven Burlton  28th FEB -7th MAR
Travelling Artist

Jelle Nelemans 4th - 7th APRIL
Traveling Artist

Dean Sacred  24th - 26th APRIL
Sacred Tattoo, Auckland NZ

Ben Rorke 24th - 26th April
West Side Tattoo, Brisbane QLD

Heath Crowe 1st - 4th MAY
Seventh Circle, Brisbane QLD

Johann Ingemar 1st - 3rd MAY
Rock of Ages, Lennox Head NSW

Dan Bursell 16th - 19th MAY
West Side Tattoo, Brisbane QLD

Grant Cobb 24th - 30th MAY
Spotlight Tattoo, Los Angeles USA

Shep 2nd - 8th JULY
The Body Art Shop, Adelaide SA