Look who's back!!

Zoe Dennis & Matt Wisdom
Are back at Third Eye Tattoo permanently!


Sydney Tattoo Expo.. Snap Shots..

Vond and Marshall on the plane

Our booth

Nick waiting to check in

First day tattooing

Vond tattooing Rob's hand

Rob with Sabina Kelley

What's so interesting boys...?

Done by Nick

Done by Jess

Done by Jess

One of Marshall's I dare you to get this tattoo's
Done by Marshall

Another I dare you tattoo by Marshall
Hand poke tattoos in the hotel room


Artist Appointments Update.

Vond is only booked 2 to 3 months in advance, towards the end of each 2 to 3 month period he will reopen his books for consults.
Anyone wanting a consult with Vond please call the shop to leave your details or alternatively post a comment below with your name and email address and you will be notified via email when his books are open again for consults.

Marshall is only booked 2 to 3 months in advance. He has a consult day on the first Tuesday of each month. Come into the shop on those days and it's first in, first served. Come down early to be sure you don't miss out as there are only limited spots available.

To book in for small tattoos, 1 to 2 weeks and for larger tattoos up to 6 weeks. Walk ins welcome.

Jess Swaffer - Mostly Bitches

Jess will be selling her 20 page Mostly Bitches Sketch book at the Sydney Tattoo Convention.
$30.. 20 copies only!