RICKY LUDER Licensed Tattoo Artist

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                                                                       Ricky Luder
                                                               Licensed Tattoo Artist.

                                             AVAILABLE NOW!!

You're invited to take a look into the life and legacy of Rick Luder and at what was once the very secretive and outsider world of tattooing. Having spent the bulk of his working life in and around Fremantle he began his career in the circus sideshow. Making a name for himself in Perth, Rick then hit the road and worked extensively around Australia and became one of the first tattooers of his generation to travel abroad for his art.
He now resides in Fremantle as the owner of Five Star Tattoo. Interviews, photos, collectables, correspondance and other oddities most of which have never been viewed outside of his family and close friends provide a detailed look into his career and the people around him that shaped it. The images, many captured by Rick himself show a precious and long gone era of tattooing, one he helped pioneer in Australia. We may not be able to go back and witness these exciting timess for ourselves but at least we are able to see a small glimpse.

Hard Cover Limited Edition Book NOW AVAILABLE!!
Or at the following Melbourne stores;
Third Eye Tattoo
Brunswick Books
Chapel Tattoo
Good Luck Tattoo

West Side Tattoo
Tattoo Republic

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